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20 October 2005 @ 06:38 pm
I fucked Freud. Who knew STDs could be passed on through necrophilia?  
Have been having trouble sleeping. Inexplicable, really.

This entry is mainly a chronicle of entire pointless facts that I feel the distinct urge to convey to my flist.

I'm being given a dissertation I didn't particularly want about Slipknot. I find them collectively unappealing, for they are not Radiohead. Thus, a waste of space. God, I'm so pseudo-simple-minded.

That Jonny Greenwood fellow, what a talentless hack! Slipknot's way better.

Moreover, photographs scare me slightly. I'm looking back through pictures, and it's just a bit of a creepy concept. A piece of the past. That really made no sense; I didn't intend for it that to happen.

Dr. David Thorpe is a god of the farce, especially when it comes to Coldplay. The thought of Chris Martin shitting chords = priceless.

Go to hell come to me
For I am a wicked child
The emotions that I'm spoon-fed: amusedamused
Machinations in my head: climbing up the walls - radiohead